Preparing the boat for a survey

Proper preparation of the vessel for the survey is very important and will greatly enhance the surveyors access to all areas of the vessel. For example, if lockers are neat and accessible, bilges are clean and compartments are not full of stuff, more quality time can be spent on the survey. Do you really want to pay a marine surveyor to empty messy or cluttered lockers to gain access?

At Lighthouse Marine Surveying and Consulting we like to make the arrangements with the yard for haul out time. This eliminates the middleman and usually saves us all valuable time. If the survey is a pre-purchase survey, it is likely that a broker will be involved and it is his/her responsibility to inform the owner of what is needed to prepare the vessel for the survey.

If buying form a private individual it should be their responsibility to prepare the vessel. When signing a purchase or sales agreement, that is subject to survey results, we advise you to allow at least 2 weeks after the signing to complete the written survey and closing.

Please note the survey is not complete until you have received the written report. The following check list will help when preparing the boat for a survey:

  • The owner or owners representative has given written or verbal permission to allow the survey
  • The vessels listing has been available to the surveyor
  • Documentation or state papers are on board
  • Keys or lock combinations are available to include ignition key
  • Winter covers have been removed; properly surveying a boat under winter cover can not be done
  • DC power is available; batteries charged
  • AC power is available
  • Water tanks are filled so system can be tested
  • Toilets are hooked up and ready for testing
  • Bilges are dry and clean
  • Bilge pumps are operational
  • Lockers are clear of gear
  • Arrangements are made for a sea trial
  • The boat must be operated by the owner or their authorized representative
  • Depending on the vessel size and if the trials are under sail, additional crew may be required
  • The owner must have the boat adequately insured
  • Sufficient fuel must be on board
  • All safety gear as required by USCG must be on board i.e. PFD, flares, fire extinguishers, sound signaling devices, etc

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