The Pre-purchase Survey

The pre-purchase marine survey is the most comprehensive type of survey / inspection and is strongly recommended when purchasing a new or used boat. The survey will identify structural or safety defects, malfunctioning equipment, fire hazards, CO hazards, AC or DC wiring problems, plumbing problems and information to repair or upgrade.

The information in your pre-purchase will also include the fair market value of the vessel. The pre-purchase survey will provide the buyer with necessary information to make a well-informed decision and provide a bargaining tool when dealing with the seller or broker. The pre-purchase survey will also provide the information needed for your lender and insurance underwriter.

The format of your report will include table of content, general information, standards, finding and recommendations, picture and a summary. Your pre-purchase report is in no way intended to influence the sale or purchase of the vessel. It's intent is to report the condition and fair market value at the time the survey was conducted.

Oil analysis

The oil sample analysis will provide information about the condition of the vessels main propulsion engine, transmission and generator engine. Also, the quality of the oil and its contaminants will provide information about the wear pattern and alert us of possible impending failure. This information is especially important and useful when purchasing a used boat.

At Lighthouse Marine Surveying and Consulting we recommend annual oil analysis on all boat engines and transmissions as a part of your regular maintenance program. The results of the oil analysis will report the contaminants in part-per-million. Below is a list of what the results can show:

  1. Aluminum shows wear on pistons, bearings, housings, bushings, etc
  2. Chromium shows wear on compression rings, liners, bearings
  3. Copper show wear on bearings, bushings, thrust washers, oil coolers, clutches
  4. Iron shows wear on crankshaft, valves, cylinders, gears, liners, bearings
  5. Tin shows wear on pistons, bearings, and bushings
  6. Silicon shows the presence of contamination by dirt or gasket material
  7. Potassium shows a coolant problem
  8. Sodium shows a coolant problem. Water shows a coolant problem or could be condensation
  9. Glycol shows a coolant problem
  10. Fuel dilution shows injector problems or internal diesel leakage
  11. Soot indicates incorrect air mixture

Insurance / Condition & Value Survey

This type of marine survey will establish the general condition of the vessel for an insurance company to determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk. Also it will facilitate the amount of coverage so the insured will have sufficient coverage in the event of a damage claim or total loss of the vessel.

The insurance / condition and value survey focuses on the vessels safety for its intended use. Insurance companies want to know that the vessel is safe operation. The vessels equipment and systems will be evaluates against standards and recommendations of NFPA, USCG and ABYC. The survey report will list recommendations and fair market value as well as replacement value.

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